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Recite App


What is Recite App?

  • Recite App teaches Quran recitals through a peer assessment system that allows a two way learning environment.
  • Users will upload their Quran recitals to the app, their recitals will be assessed by anonymous peers and also credible source, our verified ustazs/ustazahs (equal to tadarus concept in real life) with feedback to improve their recitals.
  • Users can upload their recitals at anytime, anywhere at their convenience. They will be able to learn to read the Quran discreetly and at the same time, take advantage of the support system provided by their peers and community in Recite.


Recite App is more than just an app. It is a vision. Our aim is to cultivate Al Quran reading and learning culture in our society. With Recite App, time and cost is no longer a barrier to anyone. With Recite App, you are able to “mengaji” (recite Quran) and have their Quran recitals validated anytime, anywhere.

What we do

How can Recite App helps?

Learning tool, social initiatives and economic platform

  • Recite App ensures anonymity of the learners, thus breaking one of the major barriers in seeking Al Quran learning for many people
  • Recite App provides a personalised learning tool, where users are able to learn at their own pace and convenience
  • Recite App provides feedback in text and audio to enhance learner’s understanding. A history trail of the interactions between learners and teachers is also available for future reference
  • Recite App is championing a social impact cause in the Muslim community in cultivating Al Quran learning culture
  • Recite App provides a platform for Al Quran teachers to earn extra income