The easiest and most effective way to give Impactful Charity

Supporting the Blind

Campaign Details According to the World health Organisation (WHO) visual impairment can limit people’s ability to perform everyda...

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Supporting the Homeless

Campaign Details Homelessness is becoming a major cause of concern. In Kuala Lumpur itself, DBKL records thousands of homeless pe...

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Supporting Orphan Children

Campaign Details Figures published by UNICEF shows there are around 153 million children worldwide who have lost one or both of t...

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Why Global Sadaqah?

Zakat eligible Campaigns

All Zakat eligible campaigns on GlobalSadaqah are carefully vetted and verified to make sure that they satisfy the needed requirements to receive Zakat funds. All campaigns are strictly from one of the 8 Asnaf categories.​

Dollar-to-dollar matching by Corporate Partners

To promote the culture of giving and to maximise the impact of donations raised, GlobalSadaqah's corporate partners support select campaigns by donating a dollar for every dollar donated by the public.

Trusted and Verified Campaigns and Charities

A key highlight that sets GlobalSadaqah apart is it's selection of campaigns and verified strategic charity partners on the ground who provide utmost transparency in the disbursement and usage of funds.

About Us

The Easiest and Most Effective way to give Impactful Charity

We are an award winning Islamic charity crowdfunding platform, and are the easiest and the most effective way to give Impactful charity. We are one of the first platforms in the world to have established a reputable gateway which you can trust to take your donation directly to those in need on the ground through our trusted and verified charity partners, and make a direct impact. We make it easier for you to give impactful Sadaqah, Zakat and Waqf by matching you to credible charity partners on our platform.

We're Islamic Digital Economy (IDE) Standards Compliant

We are an Islamic Digital Economy (IDE) Standards Compliant platform. The Islamic Digital Economy (IDE) Mi’yar (standards) are a set of standards for businesses and companies in Malaysia, to be followed in order to conform with Shariah principles

World Islamic Fintech Awards 2018 Winner

Selected as the Best Social Impact Islamic Fintech Firm of 2018 amongst 135 submissions