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Muslim Women Tech


Muslim Women Tech was founded in 2016 under Ethis and registered in Malaysia in 2017. Being a CSR initiative of Ethis, at Muslim Woman Tech our model for economic development and individual empowerment is centred around technology. We are aware that the next wave of the digital economy threatens to leave women behind so our focus is to offer our members the opportunities and skills in tech that they need to empower themselves and achieve unimagined possibilities and drive transformation.
Women have unique roles and responsibilities and at Muslim Women Tech, we recognise and celebrate this. We aim to leverage technology to enhance their capacity to transform society.

Meet the Chairwoman

Muslim Woman Tech is run by a team of successful dynamic and passionate people lead by our Chairwomen, Fiona Kirubi.
Fiona, also known as Farha, is a revert to Islam. She is a Kenyan with a mixed background (Kenyan/Scottish) who is very passionate about women economic empowerment and community development. Having a decade of experience in community development and sitting on the board of two foundations that support several hundreds of children and women in impoverished slums in Kenya, Farha lends her support to MWT and drives the initiatives in full swing. She has a background in Islamic finance having graduated from INCEIF where she was also the elected Vice-President of SRC 2005-06. Farha has a global education from the American University in Dubai to Richmond the American university in London and Harvard. She also spent time at Zaytuna in Berkley and Khartoum where she began her Arabic and Islamic studies.




To empower women through technology by organising uplifting and skill based workshops, running crowdfunding campaigns and providing training from a network of skilled women in their respective fields.

What we do

Meet the Team
We plan to conduct several projects ranging from workshops, trainings, crowdfunding, networking opportunities, mentoring and more.
Our workshops and trainings are an integral part of the development process where our members will be able to learn skills from our highly effective trainers from around the world. These will be offered both online and offline.
We also provide a crowdfunding platform with quarterly offers of innovative projects with high impact available for crowdfunding.
Our members also have an opportunity to enrol in our mentorship programs after successfully completing a workshop. This will provide continued assessment and development by the mentors.
Members and the public are welcome to attend our quarterly Dinner With Meaning which is an intimate session with highly influential members of the community spanning public and private sectors as well as religious scholars, sports personalities, celebrities and global leaders. These will have limited capacity so keep an eye out for the dates and book.