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Green Energy Generation Sdn Bhd


Green Energy Generation Sdn Bhd (GEGSB) is a registered service provider for photovoltaic (PV) systems (ISPQ), Energy Service Company (ESCO)  registered with Suruhanjaya Tenaga . Our company is authorized for designing Solar PV systems, including installation and others maintenance services

We provide professional services in consulting, designing, and complete solutions in renewable energy solutions. Strives to provide GEGSB excellent support to all our customers, delivering top quality products, and making value added services available


We envision a future when renewable and sustainable energy is the main power for life on Earth, and the production of such clean and green energy will be a daily and common place occurrence.

We visualize a landscape dotted with solar panels,mini hydro and wind turbines powering homes, farms,community, small and big businesses.

We embrace the opportunity to use small scale renewable energy to promote a secure energy future for government, homeowner, businesses, community, our next generation and the generations to come.

Let’s save the planet for a greener living environment, for your family and for the future

What we do

We offer renewable energy solutions, green solutions, services and products that brings us closer to when governments, businesses, community and humanity break from its reliance on oil, nuclear power and other polluting energy sources that are compromising health, air quality, pristine water, and the quality of living

Sustainable Solar Mosque in Kelantan, Malaysia

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