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Ethis Pte Ltd in Singapore is an award-winning leader in the emerging field of Islamic Crowdfunding. Our Real Estate Islamic Crowdfunding platform, (EC) specialises in the development of government-backed Social Housing in Indonesia. At the same time, identifies the basic social infrastructures that are absent in the Social Housing areas such as Musolla and Health Centre and initiates its development. The fund for these infrastructures is crowdfunded via our charity crowdfunding platform –

Geographical Presence
Ethis is headquartered in Singapore, our corporate and legal base. Our operations team is in Kuala Lumpur (KL), a young and talented team of 17, most of whom emerged from talent programs with universities. Ethis also has an office in Jakarta together with associate company PT Ethis Indo Asia, a licensed real estate developer in Indonesia which controls the financial management of real estate project SPVs.



Lead the Growth of Alternative Funding Marketplaces to create Ethical & Islamic Ecosystems to Circulate Good


World’s Preeminent Islamic Crowdfunding & Fintech Provider.  We structure every funding and investment opportunity to ensure that it meets our criteria from the Legal, Technical, Commercial and Ethical perspectives.

We go deep into the business itself to understand it first, and have intensive discussions with the owners, entrepreneurs and their team to ensure their capability and credibility. We then recommend potential areas of improvement and assist them in developing a concrete business plan before offering it to EthisCrowd.

Each individual or team we fund becomes part of Ethis, and we continually channel resources and support to ensure their continued success.

The core objective of Ethis is to give our members opportunities to channel idle funds to the real economy – creating employment and driving innovation. A good return of investment is never guaranteed, but we carefully select investment opportunities to achieve projected returns that tend to outperform the capital markets.

Our Involvement

We form a network of private investors from the community, called EthisCrowd, to collectively fund and invest in entrepreneurial, business, trade and Real Estate activities in Southeast Asia. This ensures a continuous flow of money from the cash-rich to those in need of financial backing. Our community of 20,000 ethical and Islamic crowd-investors and donors from 25 countries provide funding for Social Housing development projects in Emerging Indonesia. Every home we build helps a family break out of poverty.

Ethis Pte Ltd also forms joint-ventures with local partners who have market access and credibility, provides startup and growth consultancy, tech development and system integration. Our concept is focused mainly on Social Real Estate Investment Projects with newly-established Joint-Venture partners such as Indonesia, Brunei and South Africa.

Ethis actively and freely shares information on Islamic Crowdfunding and Fintech with the Islamic Finance industry, including with the media, academia and research organisations.

Baytuna Residence Masjid – Banten, Indonesia

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