Sungai Tangkarason, Sabah, Malaysia
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A child woke up in the morning refreshed and excited to go to school to learn and spend time with his fellow peers. Little did he know, that he would be attacked by a crocodile on his walk. This tragedy had all the children in the village devastated to attend school. The only limited resources that exist include a beaten down, poorly maintained old boat with a weak engine that can only carry 5 passengers with a very low speed.

The village community is in dire need of funding a new boat and equipments. They hope that, with the ability to access better transportation facility will provide more comfort and safety to the students.


i)To facilitate the transport of students to school
ii)To improve the safety of the students when crossing the river.


There are no existing boats that can transport the children to school safely.


Provide them with safety jackets and a good boat with more powerful engine that can facilitate more passengers to cross the river safely.

Anonymous $5
Anonymous $10
Anonymous $50
Nuraishah Binte Ibrahim $10
Syarifah Norfatihah $20
Fathul Islam Bin Mohamed Rashid $5
Fathul Islam Bin Mohamed Rashid $5
Mohd Saleh Bin Mohamed Bamadhaj $20
Mohd Sujairi Bin Othman $13
Ainun Nazrin $5
Nurazuwani $10
Mohamad Basri Ibrahim $10
Wan Mohd Farhan $5
Nurliyana Mohd Shazali $10
Fatima J. $20
Nurfarhana $10
Raja Mohamad Shahadan $50
Ismail Patel $5
Shafinas $5
Rafhanah Shazwani $5
Nur izzati binti zainal $5
Nur izzati binti zainal $5
Nurfatin Adilah $5
Mohamed Azrai Bin Ahmad $20
Muhammad Faris Aizuddin B. Mohd Harith $5
Abdul Khabir Bin Abdul Kadir $10
Yousuf Sultan $434
  • 17-01-2018

    Campaign Started

    After meetings with Islamic Relief which is an independent humanitarian and development organisation founded in the United Kingdom, Global Sadaqah has partnered with them to raise funds for a transportation boat for school children in Sungai Tangkarason, Sabah.

    This campaign supports partial funding and the partners on the ground will receive all the money raised regardless if it reaches the goal or not.