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Figures published by UNICEF shows there are around 153 million children worldwide who have lost one or both of their parents. 

There are a number of key areas in addressing the needs of children who have been orphaned. Key challenges include meeting their basic needs such as food, shelter and water, access to education, child labour, forced marriage, trafficking, lack of community and family support and property dispossession.

Your donations will go towards the support of orphans around the world, serving in various aspects of that will help provide them a better future. 

Impact Charity

GlobalSadaqah aspires to change the beneficiaries of charity today become the benefactors of tomorrow.

Why your donation will make an impact?

Using a unique 3T’s culture:

1. Trust: With donations flowing in from across the world for our campaigns, our trusted partners on the ground make sure that the funds are disbursed directly to the people in need.

2. Transparency: All the money being raised in our campaigns can be viewed with regular updates given out to keep our donors up to date as to when and where exactly their donations are being used.

3. Time Efficiency: Using Global Sadaqah’s high-tech platform, donors can choose from our wide range of campaigns to support and have a maximum impact on the ground in a minimum amount of time.

Our Verified Charity Partners for this include:
– Yayasan Ikhlas, Malaysia
– Yayasan Kebajikan Negara, Malaysia
– Yayasan Noor al-Syukur, Malaysia
– An-Nadaa Educational Foundation, Nigeria