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This project was proposed to Bank Islam through the Sadaqa House Program following the success of the earlier project, “Eco-Treatment post at Kampung Orang Asli Pucur, Kluang”.

Woh Intake village has been selected for this project implementation due to its population that consist of almost 90% Muslims. Based on observation, TNB electric line is not likely to be installed in the near future because of challenging geographical factors and village location which is located far inland. Furthermore, the village only consists of 13 houses.

Imagine in their current situation, the villagers are fully dependent on small-capacity gasoline generator to produce electricity for only 4 hours per day.

The use of this generator cost the villagers an arm and a leg because of the pricey fuel. This has caused a lot of difficulty to the villagers to charge their cell phones for daily use.

Many similar solar projects have failed in the past due to inadequate maintenance. To prevent this, UTM will also conduct knowledge transfer sessions on solar and solar system maintenance so they can safely maintain the solar system once installed.

This will be the starting point in exposing the indigenous people in Kampung Woh Intake to the maintenance of solar power systems as well as an initial preparation towards the continuous supply of electricity from the solar system for the whole village in the future.


Through the installation of this solar system, electricity can be supplied to the villagers continuously for 24 hours for their lightings and direct current equipments (DC).

This would also improve the quality of life of the indigenous people in Woh Intake village with continuous electricity supply dedicated to lighting and direct current-based devices such as USB chargers or DC fans. The program also improves the usage, care and maintenance skills among the indigenous people and reduce the cost of using electricity via a gasoline generator.


Supply the village with 24-hour electricity solely by electrical solar system that can last up to 4 days without the sun. This means that the system developed will be highly reliable for the indigenous people.Provide a safe electricity supply system to the residents since the existing supply system does not have any protection system and may result in severe harm.


Basic Donation for Solar Power System installation


Advanced Donation for Solar Power System installation


Philanthropic Donation for Solar Power System installation


Give access to electricity for 1 House

  • 16-07-2018

    Campaign Started

    After meetings with Sadaqa House which is a donation platform operated by Bank Islam, Global Sadaqah has partnered with them to raise funds for solar power system for villagers in Perak.

    This campaign supports partial funding and the partners on the ground will receive all the money raised regardless if it reaches the goal or not.