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Anwar Sadek, a 15 year old Rohingya refugee is currently enrolled in a boarding school named Sekolah Menengah Islam Ad-Diniah located in Pulau Pinang.

He loves playing football but also joins many other events held in school and is frequently seen at the forefront of many of these activities. Originally from Arakan, Myanmar, his father Jaafar works at a car workshop to help sustain the family with 4 mouths to feed, education to sustain and other basic needs to be met.


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Anwar has a great passion for football and is among the few outstanding players in his team. This avid soccer player was so dedicated that on top of studies and being active in other events, he participated in 6 months of intense weekly football practice under the United Nation’s AFC-UNHCR project.

The UN’s AFC-UNHCR project started in December 2016 when AFC signed an international agreement with UNHCR. It aims to undertake effective social responsibility campaigns and promote the game of football and its unifying educational, cultural and humanitarian values. Cooperation between the two organisations in enhancing social development for refugees through football took place under the auspices of AFC’s newly launched Dream Asia Foundation. The first joint pilot project under the Agreement was to support Rohingya refugees in Malaysia and Anwar was of the lucky few given the opportunity to take part and benefit greatly from it.

Currently, he plays football for Ad-Diniah school football team and aspires to study hard to be a doctor in future all whilst keeping his passion for football alive.


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Secondary Education: USD 1010 per year

Sponsorship for Boarding Secondary School (Integrated Islamic & Academic Education) at Sekolah Menengah Islam Diniah, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.


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Mohammed Alim $26
Zainab Nisha $117
Zainab Nisha $5
Mohammed Alim $5
Fadhil $5
Hilmi Zdin $10
Azam Shah $20
Abdul $5
Fazlan Haniffa $20
Mohamed Fadhil $5
Linn $25
Wan Shamilah $20
Wan Shamilah $86
Wan Fara Ayu $5
Ahmed Kaddoura $13
Zuraini Mohammad Nasir $5
Mohammed Imad $50
Mohamed Azrai Bin Ahmad $40
Mohammed Alim $50
Ahmad $25
Fathul Islam Bin Mohamed Rashid $5
Fathul Islam $5
Mohamed Azrai Bin Ahmad $15
Mohamed Azrai Bin Ahmad $15
project maths notes $3
Sarimah Binte Sirat $20
Sharifah Noor binte Osman $75
Mohammed Alim $10
Mohd Sujairi Bin Othman $12
Mohammed Alim $25
Nasyitah Juraimy $10
Nur Sharain Abdul Rashid (Ain) $10
Neda Khan $20
Rohaizad Bin Mohamed Athmad $38
Rohaizad Bin Mohamed Athmad $38
Nur Shahreena $30
Nurul Irdayu $10
YUSZAIDA mohd yusof $20
Rehan $10
Suraya $70
Global $5
Amalul Ariffin Shah $5
Fatin $5
Falak Amaar Khan $20
Amalul Ariffin Shah $5
Hamizah Kula $10
  • 28-05-2018

    Campaign Started

    After meetings with JREC, a society focused on providing essential knowledge to the underprivileged, Global Sadaqah has partnered with them to raise funds to help further the caravan of education.

    This campaign supports partial funding and the partners on the ground will receive all the money raised regardless if it reaches the goal or not.

  • 16-10-2018

    Campaign duration increased to 31st October 2018