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Zakat Eligible

This campaign has been checked and verified to be Zakat Eligible

Trusted and Verified Partner

This campaign is by a trusted and verified charity partner

No Minimum Funding

There is no minimum amount required for the campaign to collect the funds

Campaign Partner

An-Nadaa Educational Foundation is an Islamic non-profit organization which is one of the first government certified Muslim organization on the ground. Their focus is on launching and managing educational, da’wah and welfare projects across underprivileged communities in Nigeria.

Each share has the power to bring in RM 200 in donations

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Nigeria is a country where almost 80% of the population earn less than $2 a day and over 40% of children do not have access to primary education. In the rural communities of Northern Nigeria, roughly 60 million people live in extreme poverty and there is difficulty to attain even the basic of necessities. 

GlobalSadaqah has joined hands with An-Nadaa to bring an amazing opportunity for our donors. With the blessed month of Ramadan approaching soon, all of us are preparing to welcome this guest into our lives. When the adhan for Maghrib is called, most of us will turn to a filled table and quench our thirst and satisfy our hunger. But for many this hunger doesn’t end.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “Whoever gives Iftaar to one who is fasting will have a reward like his, without that detracting from the reward of the fasting person in the slightest.” [Tirmidhi] After hearing this Abdullah Ibn Umar used to only break his fast with orphans and the poor and needy. Imagine, if you help feed ten fasting brothers and sisters. You would get the rewards for their fasting as well.

Donations to this campaign will be used for providing food packages to underprivileged families in remote villages as well.
In 2019 we were able to help feed and benefit more than 1,200 families. This year, we aim to reach 2,000 families in the rural communities of Zaria.
For just RM 320, our donors have the opportunity to support a family of 5 for the entire blessed month of Ramadan.
GlobalSadaqah’s charity partner, An-Nadaa will be on the ground, providing the following items to the poor:
  • Rice
  • Corn / Maize
  • Millet
  • Spaghetti
  • Oil
  • Sugar
  • Tea
  • Dates
  • Fish
Donations to this campaign will help provide food packages to these poor and needy Muslims so that they also get the chance to forget their sorrows and make the most out of Ramadan. They will be able to worship in peace knowing that there is food waiting for them at home.

On the request of An-Nadaa the campaign target amount has increased by RM 5,000 as the initial target was met.

This campaign has no designated end amount. The higher the number of donations, the more number of beneficiaries can benefit for Ramadan. 

Anonymous RM 10
Anonymous RM 100
Firdaus Abdullah RM 640
Mohammad Azman RM 20
Anonymous RM 10
Khairul Mustaqim Bin Abd Aziz RM 320
Anonymous RM 320
Dynna Syafiqa Binti Salleh RM 50
Anonymous RM 640
Anonymous RM 10
Siti Rasyidah Binte Mohd RM 20
Anonymous RM 10
Anonymous RM 10
Anonymous RM 320
Anonymous RM 52
Anonymous RM 333
Anonymous RM 104
Shaila Ubaid RM 320
Anonymous RM 20
Anonymous RM 104
Muhammad RM 10
Farabi RM 320
Sharifah Zaleha Syed Mansor RM 320
Anonymous RM 320
Suraya RM 980
Anonymous RM 100
Anonymous RM 100
Anonymous RM 100
Anonymous RM 320
Puteh RM 320
Anonymous RM 50
Shaiful bin mohtar RM 100
Anonymous RM 320
Anonymous RM 100
Anonymous RM 320
SHAHRYN Azmi RM 1,300
Zulkarnain Kedah RM 320
Anonymous RM 320
Siti Radiah RM 320
Anonymous RM 100
Muhammad Anis Younus RM 1,300
Habib RM 320
Anonymous RM 320
Anonymous RM 20
Anonymous RM 10
Anonymous RM 320
Anonymous RM 320
Anonymous RM 320
Anonymous RM 1,300