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Qurban & Aqiqah is an annual project of Cinta Syria Malaysia (CSM). This project has entered the fourth phase since its inception in the previous years. The Qurban & Aqiqah project is aimed at helping the less fortunate among the Syrian refugees. With this kind of effort, we hope that it will somehow reduce the hardships and give them more reason to celebrate this Eid-ul Adha in happiness with their family. Strengthen our ties (silaturrahim) with the Syrian refugees through celebrating the greatness of islam.


Syria has been suffering since 2011, 7 long years of civilians facing affliction and hardship. Their hope and faith still remains strong regardless. The project targets at least 5,600 families as beneficiaries of Hari Raya Qurban Aidiladha (Eid-ul Adha). This campaign aims to begin by targeting to raise funds for a 100 goats for USD 264 per goat.


Cinta Syria Malaysia began with Musa Nuwayri, a Malaysian student studying in Jordan who took great lengths to understand the Syrian refugee situation in the country. They have built several schools since and continue to strive to help the Syrians through various activities, this Qurban campaign being one of them. Working along with local celebrities such as Noh Salleh, Mizz Nina and more, the Qurban meat will be distributed directly to the camps after completing the process of slaughter and packaging on the day of the project.

Disclaimer: The price stated is inclusive of platform fees(5%), administration fees(2.5%) and slaughtering costs. Click here for more details

Siti Hajar $20
Hariss Harun $220
Hjh siti aminah $20
Mohamed yousoof $20
nurashikin mokhtar $10
Sanila $20
Adam $20
Mohammed Mubin Khan $10
Nur Farhana $364
Farha Madhi $12
Wan Natasha Binte Mohamed Shariff $20
Sanobar $20
Mohd Yassri bin Mohd Isa $5
Muhammad Shiddiq Bin Abdul Rasid $50
Mohammed Abdul Raheem $20
Jegabar Ali $20
Shameel $12
Saidatul Hayati Binte Md Said $100
Mohamed Najib Bin Abdullah $264
Mohamed Azrai Bin Ahmad $40
Fadzlin sarah Mohd Ghazali $100
Hjh siti aminah $15
Wan Aimi $60
fatin yasirah $20
Ebadullah Bin Siddiq $16
Sharifah Noor binte Osman $264
Muhammad Nazmi Bin Mohamed Zaaini $20
Ahmad Hafiz Abdul Aziz $20
Mohamad $40
Ashraf Feroz Khan $10
Siti $50
Mohamed Firdaus Sahnawi $20
Mohd Faizan Mohd Fariz $25
Mohamed fahiq Hameed $20
Faizun $20
Nur Adyani $50
Nur Rizlin Binti Zanudin $20
Alaaaldin radwan $792
ahamed baseer $20
Hjh siti aminah $15
  • 06-08-2018

    Campaign Started

    After meetings with Cinta Syria Malaysia, Global Sadaqah has partnered with them to raise funds to facilitate qurban meat to reach our needy Syrian refugee brothers and sisters this Eid.

    This campaign supports partial funding and the partners on the ground will receive all the money raised regardless if it reaches the goal or not.


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