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Imagine not being able to see your family. Imagine not being able to see the beauty around you, not being able to find your way around, not being able to do your daily activities with the breeze of ease you are used to. Imagine not being able to see. Who would take care of you? Without the proper care, life as you know it would fade into darkness… literally.



This is the reality for 40 million blind people of the 300 million visually impaired people in the world. In fact, 80% of global visual impairments are due to cataract, a watery clouding of the eye lenses, which is actually treatable. The treatment only requires a 15 minute surgery of $15 per eye to give back to these people the gift of their sight. However, in some parts of Africa, due to the cost, distance from their homes and a shortage of ophthalmologists, only few have been cured. This is where you can have an impact.

The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in collaboration with more 30 international NGOs and charities have come together to save more people from going blind. In the second phase of the Alliance to Fight Avoidable Blindness (AFAB), we will be focusing on 12 countries across Africa from Burkina Faso to Djibouti with most having a Muslim population above 50%. The idea is simple – to prevent blindness where possible, to treat what is curable and in the long run, to have these countries take control of the program.



In the first phase of the AFAB, 49,486 people received cataract surgeries and more than 177 eye care specialists benefited from the training conducted. In this phase, the focus is to build and develop the local workforce and facilities so that in the long run, they would be able to take up this task indefinitely and play a lasting role in changing the lives of the people.

70 scholarships will be provided to medical doctors to specialize in ophthalmology and a further 70 scholarships to ophthalmic nurses. They will be pursuing their studies in the African Institute of Tropical Ophthalmology (IOTA – Institut d’Ophtalmologie Tropicale de l’Afrique) and the training will take place in Mali. Imagine how these 140 students can contribute to their respective localities and how they can further educate or train even more students. The multiplier effect is endless! Through Global Sadaqah, you can change the lives of these 140 students and indirectly help millions more.

All of us have this chance to make a huge difference to the lives and families of those in danger of losing their eyesight. Apart from helping to provide ophthalmology scholarships, you are also able to positively transform the lives of the communities and families of these patients. This is because not only is the sight of those suffering restored, but also their livelihoods, independence and confidence. Children who had to guide blind family members are now free to go back to school and play with their friends, while their relatives can care for themselves and return to work or go back to their fields on their own.

Let’s join hands and fight avoidable blindness together!


Disclaimer: This campaign is one of the many campaigns that collectively aim to raise money for the AFAB to fight cases of avoidable blindness in 12 countries in Africa. We highlight real-world stories of real people. Some names may be changed.

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  • 12-06-2018

    Campaign Started

    After meetings with ISFD – The Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD) which is the poverty alleviation arm of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group, Global Sadaqah has partnered with them to raise funds to to prevent blindness where possible and to treat what is curable in Africa.

    This campaign supports partial funding and the partners on the ground will receive all the money raised regardless if it reaches the goal or not.