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Whenever we hear of Palestine, we hear of oppression, injustice, calls for help, donation and aid. What you’re going to read next will blow your mind.


As an expression of gratitude and appreciation for the support given to the State of Palestine over the years, the Palestinian International Cooperation Agency, PICA was established in 2016. Despite what was going on at home, Palestine wanted to step forward and help its brothers and sisters across the Ummah also.

The creation of PICA is guided by a deep faith in the national responsibility towards the international community. The main objective of PICA is to promote the Palestinian identity worldwide through civil, political, social, economic, and cultural activities to develop programs for cooperation in various fields.

Their most prolific and well known project is their orthopaedic program which is run across various countries including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Mauritania, Republic of Ecuador, Commonwealth of Dominica, Rwanda and Mozambique.

The program is run under their chief orthopaedic surgeon, Dr.Alaa Azmi Ahmad who is also a member in many international congresses for pediatric and spinal services. His team consists of a nurse, an anaesthetist, and a neuromonitor expert.



Unfortunately, there is a severe lack of manpower for such surgeries in South East Africa region with no local facility in the whole region performing this service. It is a highly demanding field that needs a long sustainable program to promote local doctors to be qualified to perform this service. Many lives are hampered from realising their full potential just because of this.


The team’s main mission is to train and develop local teams on the ground to be fully capable of performing sensitive pediatric spinal cord surgeries in the long term

This training program is planned to be conducted across 12 South East African countries.

PICA has very good experience in this field as they have performed more than 1000 surgeries for spinal deformity in children in Palestine.

The Palestinian medical team is ready to return to continue helping Mozambique through the  support of IsDB.


Before Surgery


After Surgery


The team is still in need of covering the expenses for the surgery consumables, such as:

  • – Neuro Monitoring Equipment
  • – Neuro Consumables
  • – IPC Drill
  • – Implants
  • – Other required instruments.


This is a unique opportunity to help. If doctors from Palestine can leave their war-torn country filled with oppression and injustice to spread hope and smiles around the world, the least we can do is to come forward and support this endeavour as much as we can.

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  • 27-10-2018

    Campaign Started

  • 21-12-19

    Campaign Translated into Arabic

    The campaign is translated into Arabic so as to reach a wider audience across the globe.

  • 08-01-19

    Creating Marketing Posters for PICA

    GlobalSadaqah produces unique marketing posters to help aid PICA in sharing the campaign and making a bigger impact.

    Arabic Poster


    English Poster


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