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0% of the Rohingya are EDUCATED. This might seem like an exaggeration to many, but this is the stark reality that we are facing today. Even if we say 1% of the Rohingya are educated, then that means 14,000 on an average can read and write. Where are these people? This is impossible to find.

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, over 10 million people in the world are considered stateless. Of these 10 million, more than a third belong to the Rohingya diaspora. While much media attention has focused on the plight of the Rohingya embroiled in the recent conflict in Rakhine, Burma, much less attention has been paid to the struggles which the stateless Rohingya face worldwide on a daily basis.

To summarize, there are 3 main factors that we are looking at:

– Identity
– Education
– Financial Independence

Our campaign for the Rohingya focuses on channeling your donations to get Rohingya, who are currently refugees in Malaysia, get outside of the exploitative ‘dark economy’ where their currently reside; lacking credit history, job access or fair wages; and into the mainstream economy of today and digital economy of the future.

The goal of the campaigns will be to have a a dedicated grassroots schools for children and centers to assess and meet the urgent vocational skills gap facing the Rohingya and allow them to be able to meet demands of the international market, with a focus on digital literacy.

Impact Charity

Why your donation will make an impact?

1. Trust: With donations flowing in from across the world for our campaigns, our trusted partners on the ground make sure that the funds are disbursed directly to the people in need.

2. Transparency: All the money being raised in our campaigns can be viewed with regular updates given out to keep our donors up to date as to when and where exactly their donations are being used.

3. Time Efficiency: Using Global Sadaqah’s high-tech platform, donors can choose from our wide range of campaigns to support and have a maximum impact on the ground in a minimum amount of time.

Charity Partner

Our Verified Charity Partners for this include:

– Yayasan Ikhlas, Malaysia
– Yayasan Kebajikan Negara, Malaysia (tax exempt eligible)
– Yayasan Noor al-Syukur, Malaysia (tax exempt eligible)
– JREC: Jaringan Islam Global Masa Depan
– R Project

How It Works?

Flow of Donation Funds: Donors donate to their choice of campaign category on myhalalstop. The money is then transferred to GlobalSadaqah. GlobalSadaqah will then transfer the funds to the charity partner under the same category. (For example: If a user donates to zakat eligible campaign on myhalalstop, Globalsadaqah will transfer those funds to charity partners with zakat eligible campaigns only)
Campaign Updates: Once the campaign has been completed and the funds have been transferred to the charity partner, GlobalSadaqah follows up regularly for updates, usage of funds and development in the case of the beneficiary. As and when updates are made available by the charity partner, GlobalSadaqah notifies the donors in a number of ways. The campaign updates are notified via: (1) The respective campaign page with the entire campaign timeline. (2) An email is sent out to all the donors. (3) WhatsApp updates are sent to those who have opted for it. Once the updates are live on Globalsadaqah, myhalalstop donors can view the updates directly under the description tab of the campaigns on myhalalstop.com.

Tax Exemption

Not all campaigns on GlobalSadaqah are tax-exempt eligible. The tax-deductible status of donations depends on the charity partner. If the charity partner has a tax exemption status, it will be stated at the bottom of the individual campaign page. At the moment, tax exemption certificates can only be provided to Malaysians donating to campaigns from an eligible NGO in Malaysia. Should myhalalstop donors require tax exemption certificates, Globalsadaqah will require some extra information such as (NRIC number, address, and phone number) which will be forwarded to the NGO, after which the NGO will issue physical tax exemption certificates and deliver them to the address provided.


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