Is Waqf Mentioned in the Quran?

Don’t believe it? Yes, it’s true! There is no direct mentioned of waqf in the Quran. Instead, waqf which refers to a religious endowment i.e. a voluntary and irrevocable dedication of one’s wealth or a portion of it – in cash or kind, and its disbursement for Shariah compliant projects is mentioned in several hadiths

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Types of Waqh Global Sadaqah

Types of Waqf in Easy Steps

Waqf is an endowment made by a Muslim for a religious, educational, or charitable cause. It is an essential tool towards achieving socio-economic development, and if properly implemented, it can play a major role towards reducing unemployment and poverty eradication, eventually contributing towards the socio-economic progress of Muslim communities. It is a type of institution

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Global Sadaqah

Types of Sadaqah

What is Sadaqah and How Different it is from Zakat? The word Sadaqah is derived from the Arabic word Sadq (truth). All actions of righteousness in Islam is considered as Sadaqah. The literal meaning of Sadaqah is to spend from his/her possessions and abilities in the way of Allah s.w.t. Sadaqah is the necessary part

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