What is AFAB?

The Alliance to Fight Avoidable Blindness (AFAB) is a collective of more than 30 charities and NGOs, led by the Islamic Development Bank Group (IDB). The ‘Gift of Sight’ removes suffering due to blindness and poor vision, restoring hope to break out of poverty. This year, AFAB has already raised US$35m, which will save hundreds of thousands of people their eyesight.


The first generation of the AFAB (2008-2015) was a huge success! Focusing on 8 countries in the African continent, 244,197 patients received free eye care checks, and 49,486 women, men and children received cataract surgeries. More than 177 eye care specialists also benefited from training. Now, with the aim of broadening the scope and providing more treatment and training, the partnership aims at targeting more eye conditions and working in more countries. The second generation program (2018-2022), aims to focus in 12 countries, to treat cataract, uncorrected refractive error (URE), glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy.


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The Facts

Did you know that according to The Vision Loss Expert Group (Lancet publication in 2017), there are approximately 253 million visually impaired people all around the world and 89% of these people live in low income countries? Well you do now, thanks to the AFAB Charity Challenge.

The AFAB Charity Challenge is to help spread awareness of the issue of avoidable blindness around the world. In many countries, to live without vision is to live without education, employment, and independence. As a result, millions remain trapped in a cycle of poverty. On a national scale, this puts a huge strain on a country’s economy, and is a major obstacle for governments.

The Rules

  1. Record yourself doing something that you are good at, but blindfolded. make-up, dance, drawing, anything.
  2. Be creative, but also reasonable & ethical. Do not put anyone, including yourself in danger. We want to raise awareness through fun, but not make fun of blindness.
  3. Make it short. The length of the video must be between 30 sec and 1 min.
  4. Use the hashtags when posting it. #AFABcharitychallenge & #GlobalSadaqah.
  5. Tag us on instagram. We’re @afabcharitychallenge. Spread the word so that everybody learns about AFAB!
  6. Spread the awareness & fun. Share your video on your social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) & nominate your friends for the challenge!