Muslims have the potential to give $500 billion of Zakat every year, yet millions of Muslims around the world are poor and in desperate need

The easiest and most effective way to give Impactful charity

Who are we?

We are a donation crowdfunding platform run by Ethis, a leading global fintech company focused on the Islamic economy

What do we do?

We make it easier for you to give impactful Sadaqah, Zakat and Waqf by matching you to credible Charity Partners on our platform.

How do we do it?

We bring together Corporate Donors, the public, Charity Partners and community leaders to crowdfund campaigns online.

We're Islamic Digital Economy (IDE) Standards Compliant

The Islamic Digital Economy (IDE) standards are a set of standards for businesses and companies in Malaysia, to be followed in order to conform with Shariah principles

IDE Standards for Startup Compliant

IDE Standards for Technology Product & Services Compliant

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Ethis Ventures is a pioneer Islamic Fintech Enterprise that develops award winning services to empower and uplift humanity through socially impactful projects. Ethis is headquartered in Malaysia with a team of 15 passionate young talents from diverse backgrounds, united in their pursuit to circulate good


Datuk Radzif

Chairman, Ethis Group

Umar Munshi

Founder, Ethis Group

Ronald Wijaya

Founder, Ethis Group

Core Team

Mohammed Alim

Co-Founder; CPO

Mohammad Zahid

Business Development

Saiful Amin Hasan

Business Development


David Vicary

UK-Malaysia Global
Islamic FIntech Leader

Dr Shamsiah A Karim

Islamic Social Finance

Dato Fadzli Yusof

Malaysian Takaful

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